Beat This "Creativity, Inspiration, Empowerment"

Beat This use music and technology to help children, young people, adults and people with additional needs develop skills, interact and express themselves through music.

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Since 2010, BEAT THIS CIC have been awarded 6 grants by CCF.

Below are some examples of projects which have been funded by a variety of our donors.

A grant was awarded from the High Sheriff's Award Scheme 12/13 to provide positive music making activities to young people through Beat This' 'Vocalize Crew'.

The idea was to provide positive music making activities to young people who live in deprived areas of Peterborough - a chance for them to have FUN and at the same time learn a skill.

"The Vocalize Crew has given me the inspiration to take myself and my musical career more seriously, it is a special thing we have achieved together" - Seyi Jackson

The students and the community now have an equal opportunity to engage with other artists and create music, whether it be a guitarist, singer or a human beatboxer. The project brings the young generation together and helps guide them into creating positive music. But the project does not end there as the students are now connecting through social networks, exchanging ideas and collaborating for future events such as open mic nights within the community.


In July 2013, a grant was awarded from The Greene Family Charity Fund to continue running sessions at the Beat This Chime Creation Centre, working with the community and helping them create music in the space. Also to support young people in foster care to create a music track exploring their experiences of being in care.

"The fund has enabled the Chime Creation Centre to be a safe, creative environment for people to develop musical and personal skills. It has enabled young community musicians to develop their practice and help others improve their skills by attending the centre."