Bedazzel Projects - Creative Confidence-building

Bedazzle offers performing and visual arts courses, events and workshops to students of all abilities, Its primary aims are to ‘instill Confidence’, ‘inspire Creativity’ and ‘increase Communication Skills’. 

Since 2012, Bedazzle have received four grants through CCF.


"Joining the Bedazzle Theatre Arts group in Cambridge has been a revelation!

My son Sean [aged 22 with Down's Syndrome] joined four years ago and the improvements in his confidence has been astonishing.

The Bedazzle team have involved him in numerous performance opportunities including national variety shows, filming and visual arts projects. He has progressed through several LAMDA exams [accredited performing arts syllabus].

His communication skills and ability in thinking creatively has also improved beyond measure".

Jackie Bradshaw – Sean's mother


Bedazzle received funding towards their annual integrated show 'Imagine' in 2013 and 2014 from the Microsoft Research Limited Fund. Held at West Road Concert Hall (Cambridge), the event creates a unique opportunity for students of all abilities to showcase their achievements.



"Working with Bedazzle is the most rewarding experience I can imagine!

The team all share a common aim – to encourage its students of all abilities to work together on a variety of performing arts projects and in so doing, create an atmosphere that inspires and empowers them with skills that stay with them whatever future path they follow".

Diane Janssen – Co-Founder & Principal



Lee is a 29 year old. He has Downs Syndrome and associated learning difficulties.

He is unable to read or write without assistance.

He joined Bedazzle in May 2010.