Cambridgeshire Children's Fund

A Fund to help disadvantaged children (0-18 yrs) in Cambridgeshire within families on very low income and facing other factors such as the aftermath of domestic violence, mental health issues or addictions. The fund helps where real need exists and statutory funding is insufficient. Small grants go to families who are referred by social services, housing associations and other support agencies. The grants cover essential items that cannot otherwise be afforded.

Although Cambridgeshire is perceived as a wealthy county, there are areas of severe deprivation. Some parents struggle to provide their children with the most basic, everyday needs such as clothing and bedding.

A small grant from the Fund provides not only practical help but also much needed care and support from the community – a small sum can make a huge difference.

Recent Awards

Recent grants awarded include:

£100 awarded to buy a special child proof safety harness for car seat for a child with epilepsy and development delay from a low income family with indebted parents and 5 children, of which 2 have special needs

£100 to buy school clothing for a child with Down’s syndrome as the mother was very short of money and pregnant with third child.

Donations to the fund are welcome, whatever the size.

Notes for Applicants

When applying (see left) please note the following:

  • We (Cambridgeshire Community Foundation – CCF) share this information with CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL AID SOCIETY, CCAS (registered charity 204327) who we fund to support  successful applications.
  • The form can only be submitted by a sponsoring organisation (such as Sure Start or housing associations) that is working with family living in Cambridgeshire.
  • The family must be in need of financial help and facing other factors such as mental health issues, disability, teenage pregnancy, addictions, long term illness, or the aftermath of domestic violence.
  • Awards in the region of £100- £150 are to provide for the basic needs (such as clothing, bedding, special needs equipment) of their children (0-18 years).
  • Financial help is not available for:
    - Rent & Mortgage payments
    - Catalogue debts
    - Credit card debts
    - Loan repayments
    - Court costs and fines
  • The cheque will be paid to the sponsoring organisation, or to the shop/service provider – not to the applicant.

The replies to the questions on the application form must be typed (i.e. not handwritten) and sent as an email attachment to as a word document – not as a scanned image.Please put the name of the intended beneficiary in the subject line of the email.

Your email will be acknowledged.  CCAS will contact you if the request has been successful. If the request is successful, a cheque will be sent to the sponsoring organisation 

Regrettably, there is not enough funding to help all those that request support.