A healthy, vibrant and strong community is good for business. Whether you have a full Corporate Social Responsibility programme or provide philanthropic giving to local charities on an ad-hoc basis, there are many advantages of establishing a Named Fund with CCF.

Staff engagement

Distributing your charitable donations using the support of CCF ensures you and your staff are involved in the selection of grant recipients but not in all the time consuming administration

Staff (and client) involvement

Improve staff morale and involvement by uniting staff to fundraise for the company Named Fund or volunteer for particular local causes that the company  Named Fund supports - your clients, partners and customers might be encouraged to get involved as well.  Staff may also consider supporting the Fund through payroll giving.

Spreading the word

As part of the CCF suuport to corporate donors, we will:

  • Produce a bespoke newsletter on your company Named Fund to use as part of your own internal communications
  • Work with your PR team to obtain local media coverage
  • Jointly host grant-making receptions for the beneficiaries of your Fund

Dealing with all future requests - never saying "no sorry, we cannot help" again.

By setting up a Named Fund with CCF you will no longer have to consider or decline requests for support that you receive. You simply redirect the enquiry to us and we will consider how to help the group from the range of Funds we hold.

You run your business for which you have developed expertise and systems. CCF offers help which brings expertise in grant making and a vast knowledge of local community and charitable projects.  Working together we can manage a process that ensures you and your staff are engaged and excited about the charitable giving and your clients and the wider public recognise the valuable input and support you make to the community.