CCF Online Grant Application Forms

If you have worked your way through the decision matrix and you now wish to complete a CCF Online Small or Large Grant Application Form, please select below.

***Please note the links below are for the 2017 SUMMER deadline of 5pm on 1st May*** (Autumn 2017 application forms will be available after the May deadline has passed)

Applications received near to the closing date with missing supporting documentation may be delayed or withdrawn, as it may not be possible to check they are complete and get any missing information in time for the deadline.


For applications under £1,500 (i.e. up to £1,499), fill in the CCF Online Small Grant Application Form.

For applications for £1,500 and above fill in the CCF Online Large Grant Application Form.

Additional Information Required

You will be required to submit all documentation listed below with your Online Grant Application:

  • A signed copy of your organisation’s set of rules / terms of reference / constitution
  • The names and addresses of management committee members, with cheque signatories identified
  • Copy of Bank paying in slip or  bank statement to allow us to verify your organisation’s bank details
  • Your Equality Policy
  • Your Safeguarding Policy (Children and/or Adults)
  • Your organisation’s accounts for the past two financial years
  • Three different quotes for any capital items over £500

If you are a Community Interest Company (CIC) - you will also be required to submit:

  • CIC 36 Form
  • Latest CIC 34 Annual Report

CCF Application Process

Submitting the Online Grant Application Form and supporting documentation:

  1. Click on the link above to access our Small/Large  Online Grant Application Forms - please note all required documents must be submitted online, as instructed on the form.
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email.
  3. If you have failed to submit all documentation required, you will need to submit any outstanding documents within 7 days.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application assessment:

  1. All complete applications are assessed by a member of our Grants Team, who will arrange a telephone interview if needed to discuss the application further.
  2. Applications will be considered at the next quarterly CCF grant panel.
  3. Applications that CCF wish to recommend to our donors will be presented at forthcoming donor panels as appropriate for their selection.

Application feedback / grant offer:

  1. Successful applicants will be sent a grant offer letter by email.
  2. Groups not offered a grant will be given feedback where possible but it is important to note that even if your project meets all the criteria it may not receive a grant as we do not have sufficient funds to support all requests we receive.
  3. Successful applicants have one month from the date of the offer letter to complete and return Grant Acceptance form.

Grant monitoring and evaluation

  1. If you are offered a grant, you will be asked to report back to us with monitoring information.
  2. The details of the monitoring required will be set out in the grant offer letter and vary depending on the size of the grant awarded and the fund you receive a grant from. As a minimum you be required to provide us with a case study, a publicity quote and photographs of the project.
  3. For grants over £1,500 you are required to provide details of the impact and outcomes and support this by measuring selected indicators (such as Number of people who reported that they felt safer in their communities as a result of the project; Number of people engaged in regular volunteering as part of the project; Number of hours of sport, exercise & leisure activities provided by projects)
    In addition, commentary (especially from third parites) about the difference the grant made to the lives of beneficiaries and the wider community, photos and a case study (one personal 'story of change' to demonstrate how you have made a significant difference to the life of an individual) are required.

For more information about our monitoring processes - click here