Peterborough Community Foundation gets new team

The grant making body to help communities in Peterborough is poised for its next phase of development.
A team of Peterborough people chaired by local businessman Iain Crighton MBE signed an agreement in July 2016 with Cambridgeshire Community Foundation to build the Peterborough Community Foundation into the charitable funding body for the city.
The Peterborough Community Foundation is part of the existing Cambridgeshire Community Foundation but has a focus on developing funds that are ring fenced for use in the Peterborough.
Working with the support and within the charitable structure of the Cambridgeshire  foundation,  PCF will provide a local  focus to donors who are motivated to offer help to Peterborough based voluntary groups. 
Iain Crighton recently became a trustee of the Cambridgeshire  foundation  and will lead the Peterborough foundation development through fund raising and grant giving for projects in Peterborough.
He said: "There is a real opportunity to build on the funding opportunities  which have been brought together under the umbrella of PCF.   I am  looking forward to working with local donors who want to join together to support  valuable charitable projects which are   Improving the quality of life for people living in the city."
Chris Belcher, chairman of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, said:
"Community foundations help local people and companies maximise the value of their generosity. We are delighted that the new team will now lead PCF and focus their efforts on the city of Peterborough."