Red2Green - Opportunity, empowerment, achievement.

"We all put something in and we all get something out" (client quote)

"Red2Green is an exciting to place to work: it’s inspiring, vibrant and dynamic. I love to watch the clients go from strength to strength." (member of staff)

Red2Green provides high quality opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages in Cambridgeshire so that they can reach their goals.

Since 2005, Red2Green have received 13 grants from CCF.

Below are details on some of the grants awarded...

In 2013, Red2Green were awarded a grant from the Microsoft Research Limited Fund to fund the creation of a new service for younger people aged 14-19 with Asperger Syndrome. Two young people with Asperger Syndrome were able to attend Red2Green's service 'Aspirations Teens'.

The clients followed a tailor-made programme of activities designed to increase independence and release potential; improve ability to function in social, work and academic settings; improve life chances. Both of these clients attended the Aspirations Summer School in 2013 and the funding also covered the costs of one of these clients to continue attending Aspirations for the academic year 2013/14.

In 2012, a grant was awarded from the Hubert Julian Grassroots Endowment Fund to contribute to the running of the Red2Greenhouse project.

"With the help of the grant from the Hubert Julian Grassroots Endowment Fund, Red2Greenhouse had six Year 11 students follow the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 in Horticulture, and 11 Year 10 students (two of whom were on special measures to keep them in school) followed a course that was revised by Edexcel so that it is more equal to 1 GCSE."


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