The Remtec Grassroots Community Fund

The Remtec Grassroots Community Fund makes small grants to voluntary and community groups that are working on charitable projects in Cambridgeshire. The donor is particularly interested to support groups that enable people to unlock their potential.

Recent Awards

Examples of the awards that the Remtec Grassroots Community Fund has made include:

In 2014 Linton Village College Trust Fund was awarded a grant to support the travel and other incidental expenses of community mentors who encourage and enthuse the students in reading and languages. Volunteers from the community work with small groups of pupils to enable them to have a better grasp of their chosen languages and encourage their reading skills. The Trust, as project co-ordinators recruit, train and supervise the mentors and facilitate the general running of the schemes which build cohesive relationships in the local communities. The volunteers work alongside students in lessons and run 1:1 sessions and clubs in order to build overall confidence and ability. The trust also facilitates volunteer training and meetings to build a cohesive team within the community.

In 2012 a grant went to fund a week of 1 hour swimming lessons for group of 25 Brownies at the The Kings Hedges learner pool. The grant enabled all of the Brownie Pack to attend the swimming and benefit from building confidence and a lifelong skill which many of them lack.