Restart Fund

Based on our 2014 Vital Signs survey results and other data we gathered, we set to work with our donors to target £50,000 of funding over the next 12 months towards projects in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough working to improve mental health. This represented nearly a four fold increase in the funding we had given to such projects since April 13.

And now we can report the target has been met with over £66,000 being awarded to date to projects under RESTART.

As we begin to gather data for monitoring we can start to collate information for an impact report which we will publish as soon as complete

Recent Awards

Awards made under our Restart Initiative include:

Red2Green were awarded £5,000 towards salary costs of the Health for Life programme

The Cogwheel Trust were awarded £750 towards a supported Bereavement Group for 10 people for the Cambridge City and suburbs area, led by a fully trained and experienced Counsellor

The Peterborough & Fenland Rethink Carers Group were awarded £750 to support the carers of those with severe and enduring psychotic illnesses, run peer support groups, operate a telephone helpline and a regular Newsletter.

Lifecraft were awarded £2,500 to fund GAP learning to come and deliver two courses at Lifecraft: Craft Works and Full Spoon

Illuminate Charity were awarded £1,250 to cover the cost of a pilot to develop systems to keep in contact and monitor ex beneficiaries

Positive People Care were awarded £750 to subsidize day trip costs for people with mental health problems

Illuminate Charity were awarded £2,500 to contribute towards a 5 day personal development programme for 10 unemployed people with mental health issues

Red Balloon Learner Centre were awarded £29,952 to upgrade RB technology infrastructure and capabilities so that staff are better equipped to offer students a rich, broad and affordable programme

Talking In Tune were awarded £1,500 to fund a singing group for people affected by dementia and for their carers, families and supporters

The Blue Smile Project were awarded £10,000 towards in-school therapy in a Cambridgeshire school in a deprived area supporting around 22 children for a year

DIAL Peterborough were awarded £520 to fund a football coach for a Mental Wellbeing football group for six months

STARS Cambridgeshire Children's Bereavement Support Service were awarded £2,000 funding to increase their capacity to help young people who face bereavement or have experienced bereavement from the Peterborough/Wisbech area.

Cambridgeshire Sport and Education Partnership were awarded £5,000 to run project for secondary school pupils who self-harm/are at risk of self-harming to access sport, impacting on their confidence and self-esteem

Pinpoint CIO were awarded £3,000 to support, in a more joined up way, families where there is self- harm

Road Victims Trust were awarded £500 to provide volunteer supervision for two volunteers for six months - one in Cambridgeshire and one in Bedfordshire