Ridgeons Community Fund

The Ridgeons Community Fund offers grants of between £250 and £750 to support small, local voluntary and community groups and organisations undertaking charitable work. The focus for the Fund is on projects aimed at improving health, and those working with children, young people and families.

Please note that while the Ridgeons Community Fund are keen to support projects which aim to improve access to sport and healthy living for disadvantaged people, contributions towards sports equipment or club running costs will not take priority / be considered. General running costs for an organisation will also not be considered, applications should be made for a specific, charitable project.

Groups are eligible to apply if they are based within a 10 miles radius of the Ridgeons branches in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Hertfordshire. In addition groups must:

  • Have a management committee
  • Have a governing document that has as a minimum the name, aim/purpose, objects, a dissolution clause for the organisation, a list of Trustees/Committee members, and Trustees/Committee member signatures
  • Perform DBS checks if you work with children or adults at risk
  • Have an Equality Policy
  • Have a bank account requires 2 independent cheque signatories


Read recent Ridgeons Community Fund Newsletters via the download links below to see information on grants awarded.

Map of Grants Awarded

Ridgeons Grants Map

Click on the map above to access an interactive map which plots the location of charitable projects that have received a grant from the Ridgeons Community Fund.

Additional information about each project can be viewed by clicking the marker icons. Click the menu icon on the map to see the index and on the + /- to change the scale.