The Seymour Fund

The Seymour Fund makes small grants to help protect those in need.

Recent Awards

Grants awarded include:

5th Newmarket (SPICE) Guides and Rangers - awarded £785 to run a performing arts workshop.

SPICE is a fully inclusive Girl Guide and Ranger Unit which enables girls with moderate to severe disabilities to participate in Girl Guiding activities with their able bodied peers. SPICE gives girls opportunities that they would not otherwise have and involves girls in their local community.

The performing arts event was a fantastic opportunity for our girls to access a brilliant afternoon of sensory experiences that was specific to their individual needs. The grant enabled us to hire a superb theatre group who specialise in sensory theatre.”

The grant money from the Seymour Fund enabled the group to run a performing arts workshop day for girls with moderate to severe disabilities. A series of 45 minute sessions were held which covered a range of different activities, such as Street dancing, Belly dancing, face painting, drama, music, and circus skills. The workshops were run such that girls of every ability level could participate and learn new skills or improve existing ones. This meant that they were able to gain confidence, develop their skills, earn their Performing Arts Guide Badges and, most importantly of all, have lots of fun in the process.

24 girls with special needs, along with their carers/families were able to benefit from this project.

Red2Green - awarded £900 to cover the costs of four clients with Asperger Syndrome to attend the Aspirations project for one year.

Red2Green provides a learning, work and social experience for clients who have disabilities, are disadvantaged or vulnerable, encouraging them to maximise their potential and be welcomed into their communities and the wider world.

Thanks to this grant from the Seymour Fund four Red2Green clients with Asperger Syndrome have been able to attend the ‘Aspirations service’ for a year. During this time they followed a programme called ‘Money Skills’ which aimed to teach them how to budget, save, and generally manage their personal finances as this is a known area of difficulty for people with Aspergers. To do this the clients planned, set up and ran a tuck shop based at the Red2Green headquarters which started to make a profit in early March.

Rowan Humberstone - awarded £900 towards activities taking place as part of the Big Draw event in October 2011.

Rowan Humberstone promote and provide opportunities for disadvantaged people with learning disabilities, within an arts and craft environment.

We have a busy and enjoyable time working together in our studio workshops. An additional external project such as this stimulates us all with ideas for new art and projects at the same time as enabling us to directly connect with our local community and share our skills and experience.”

The Bas Breakwell Charitable Trust Company Ltd - awarded £900 to continue to provide horse riding lessons to disadvantaged children in the Cambridge area.

The Bas Breakwell Trust helps disadvantaged young people by improving the self confidence and self esteem of economically and/or socially disadvantaged children of secondary school age through the activity of horse riding. By working with staff of organisations supporting disadvantage young people in the Cambridge area, the Trust provides weekly riding lessons, and associated activities, at Sawston Riding School, for a target period of two school terms per young person.

The grant from the Seymour Fund, managed by CCF has enabled The Bas Breakwell Trust to provide horse riding lessons to 6 disadvantaged young people. The impact on their self –confidence and self –esteem is profound, and your support has been vital. Thank you on their behalf.”