The Elizabeth Coteman Fund

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund was set up by the Coteman Family in memory of Elizabeth Coteman, who died from Pancreatic Cancer on 22 April 2010, aged 59. It was Elizabeth's wish to establish such a fund and her family have turned their sad loss into an opportunity to fight the worst impacts of Pancreatic Cancer, a disease that still takes so many lives and devastates so many families.

  • 40 years ago few children survived childhood leukemia - now the survival rate is 80%
  • 40 years ago only 46% of women diagnosed with breast cancer survived five years or more - now that figure is also 80%
  • 40 years ago 3% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survived five years or more - that figure is still little more than 3%!
  • The average survival time after diagnosis is 6 months
  • Diagnosis must be improved - there is currently no early detection test and treatment is limited

Elizabeth was a wonderful human being whose warmth touched all who knew her. In memory of an outstanding wife and mother, The Elizabeth Coteman Fund offers small grants to local groups supporting Pancreatic Cancer sufferers and their families; direct small sums of financial support to local individuals who are undergoing treatment or taking part in clinical trials, having been diagnosed with the Pancreatic Cancer; and support to develop research into Pancreatic Cancer.

Visit The Elizabeth Coteman Fund website to read more.

Offering your support

If you wish to offer your support to help The Elizabeth Coteman Fund you can send a bank cheque or CAF cheque made payable to The Elizabeth Coteman Fund to the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, Barnwell Road, Cambridge CB5 8RE. Alternatively, if you wish to set up a standing order or arrange a BACS transfer, please contact CCF (01223 410535) to confirm the bank details for The Elizabeth Coteman Fund.

All donations an individual makes can be enhanced at no extra cost if the donor is a UK tax payer and able to complete a gift aid form - which can be downloaded here.

If you wish to undertake some fundraising for The Elizabeth Coteman Fund you may like to set up a page on the JustGiving website, making donations to ECF via the registered charity Cambridgeshire Community Foundation which is listed on JustGiving. 

Alternatively, if you collect cash or cheques (made payable to The Elizabeth Coteman Fund) please send with separate Gift Aid declarations from each donor to the Foundation at the Barnwell Road address above. Please note – a Gift Aid declaration can only be made in respect of donations you make personally. If you have kindly undertaken some fundraising and/or collected donations from others, a Gift Aid declaration is not valid for the sums others have given/you have helped raised. Each individual donor must complete their own Gift Aid declaration in respect of their own donation.

Donations of other gifts such as shares or land and buildings are also welcome additions into the fund - and may have tax reliefs associated with them for the donor (see tax benefits)

As an alternative to a life time gift, you may wish to remember the fund in your will. The value of your estate on death for inheritance tax purposes excludes any legacies you leave to charity.

Thank you.