The RSM Peterborough Fund

The RSM Peterborough Fund offers small grants to projects in Peterborough that:

  • Help young people achieve their full potential, through youth projects around the environment, unemployment or education; or
  • Give opportunities to disabled people, including those with learning difficulties.

Recent Awards

Recent grant awards made by the RSM Peterbrough Fund include:

National Autistic Society – Peterborough & District Branch received a grant to purchase digital equipment

Outbreak received a grant to purchase equipment for ‘Outbreak FC’ to improve the training and skills of members from a poor background and some with unemployed families.

The New Haven, Axiom Housing Association was awarded a grant towards a garden project to encourage individual and group skills within the project environment, this will focus on more difficult to engage clients who may have learning or behavioural issues

Headway Cambridgeshire was awarded a grant to run a series of activities and sessions for young people with a brain injury to build their confidence.