Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund

The 10MW wind farm at Woolley Hill Farm delivers green electricity for up to 8,000 UK homes

From 2015 the developer of the wind farm is making contributions over the lifetime of the wind farm into the Woolley Hill Farm Community Fund.

Notes for Applicants

Applications for funding are invited from not for profit constituted groups (not individuals) delivering charitable projects with public benefit for residents in the following 7 Parishes

Alconbury; Alconbury Weston; Barham and Woolley; Buckworth; Easton; Ellington; Spaldwick

Organisations must have three or more independent people on their management committee, an up to date Equal Opportunity Policy, a bank account with two or more independent signatures and a Safeguarding Policy if working with either children and/or vulnerable adults. If groups need help with the preparation of any of these documents or their constitution, please contact CCF who will put you in touch with Hunts Forum, the local Council for Voluntary Service.

If the group is an unincorporated voluntary body or not-for-profit Limited Company with an annual income over £5,000, it will need to be one of the recognised not-for-profit structures we support listed below, before applying for a grant:

  • Registered Charity
  • Exempt Charity
  • Excepted Charity
  • Parish Council
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
  • Community Amateur Sports Club

If the group is a registered charity its submissions to the Charity Commission must be up-to-date.

Grants will be offered normally in the range of £250 to £5,000, although in exceptional circumstances higher sums may be considered.

Grants will not be made retrospectively so no commitment for expenditure should be made before the date of the grant offer letter. Funding will not be provided to support projects promoting political or religious views, for sponsored events or to cover expenditure considered to be a statutory responsibility. Grants will not normally be given to projects primarily concerned with animal welfare, medical research and equipment, or overseas travel.

Recent Awards

Some awards from the fund are listed below:

Buckworth Parish Council was awarded £500 to construct a ramp outside the fire escape door at the front of the Clubhouse in order to improve wheelchair / disabled access to the building

Alconbury cum Weston PCC was awarded £3,900 to improve disabled access, build toilet and kitchen in an extension

Ellington Parish Council was awarded £2,800 for dropped kerb for disabled access and Village Hall improvements

Alconbury CE Primary School was awarded £4,000 to purchase either wireless handheld tablets or laptops to use in an outdoor classroom and Eco garden

Alconbury Recreation Field Charity was awarded £3,900 to improve the safe access to our facilities by lowering the speed limit on North Road between the villages of Alconbury and Alconbury Weston

Escape Youth Group was awarded £800 fund additional activities for Youth Club members ( at Grafham Water Centre) and a replacement TV unit for the games console

Easton Parish Council was awarded £2,000 to put in a new toddler swing on the grass with safagrass plastic matting

The PCC of St Peter's Church, Easton was awarded £2,000 to purchase a suitable storage cupboard and chest.